PSVITA 1000 WHITE +Games MODs | PSVita OLED | Packed with Thousands of Games and Features | Refurbished + Tested + New Usb Charger & Pouch |


PS Vita 1000 WHITE OLED Enhanced Bundle :
Dive into handheld excellence with our refurbished PS Vita 1000 OLED, packed with a universe of games and mods. Vibrant OLED display, 256GB Kingston SD card, and tailored features for an unparalleled gaming experience. Explore retro classics, PSVita , PSP , PS1 titles, a lot of Retrogaming from Older Consoles and Arcade Video Games and more!! All optimized for endless fun!

Availability: 2 in stock (can be backordered)

PSVita 1000 WHITE OLED Enhanced Bundle : Experience the unmatched brilliance of gaming with our enhanced PS Vita 1000 OLED Models. Distinctly known for its vibrant OLED display, which offers more vivid colors than the PS Vita Slim 2000 LCD, it stands high in demand among avid gamers.

🌟 Overview:

Rediscover handheld gaming on a model celebrated for its heftier build, larger touch pad, and distinctive oval-shaped controls. Each PS Vita is meticulously refurbished, tested, and optimized, ensuring a device that feels close to new.

🎮 Package Includes:

  • PSVita System: Customized with your choice of MODs.
  • 256GB Kingston SD Card: To cater to your expansive gaming universe.
  • PS Vita Pouch: Protecting your console in style.
  • Charging Gear: Wall charger and a USB data/charging cable.
  • Gaming Universe: Dive into thousands of games & features tailored just for you.

🔍 System Features:

  • Vibrant OLED Display: The hallmark of the PS Vita 1000 model.
  • Design Features: Larger touch pad, oval-shaped PlayStation, Start, and Select buttons. A plastic molding seamlessly connects the d-pad and buttons to analog sticks.
  • Battery Life: Enjoy up to 5 hours of uninterrupted gaming.
  • Memory: No worries about built-in memory; we’ve expanded it to a whopping 256GB!

💽 Modding Highlights:

  • Classic to Contemporary: Get access to ALL PSP, PS1, & PS Vita games ever released!
  • RetroGames and More: Revel in a massive retro game library encompassing Super Nintendo, NES, Sega Genesis, Gameboy , lots of Arcade Video Games and many more!
  • Special Ports: From the GTA series to Max Payne and even Mario Kart Vita, we offer a plethora of options.
  • Overclocking & Connectivity: High-performance gaming enhanced from the Get-Go! Plus you may stay connected with Bluetooth & Wi-Fi features!
  • Streaming & Syncing: Stream games directly to your PS Vita with PS4 & PS3 Remote play, connect your PS4 Controller via Bluetooth, and enjoy your favorite media content through streaming apps.
  • Custom Themes: An array of customizable themes to reflect your style.

✨ Customization:

Your PS Vita, your way. Whether it’s a specific game, theme, or build, just share your vision, and we’ll bring it to life.

💬 Connect with Us:

From questions to specific requests, we’re here to assist. Dive deeper into our other listings to explore more PS Vita variants and possibilities.

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PSVitaPSVITA 1000 WHITE +Games MODs | PSVita OLED | Packed with Thousands of Games and Features | Refurbished + Tested + New Usb Charger & Pouch |

Availability: 2 in stock (can be backordered)